Red Tape : A Big Problem for SMEs?

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Red Tape: A Problem for SMEs?

Red Tape: A big problem for SMEs?

Is Red Tape a significant obstacle to the success of UK SMEs in 2016? Download our report to find out.

– What we really mean by ‘Red Tape’
– Read about the Government’s plans to reduce Red Tape
– Why there remains a lot of positive sentiment around the startup, entrepreneur and SME community
– Why practical help for early-stage businesses has to be a priority
– What are the most burdensome regulations for UK SMEs?
– How UK business can overcome a knowledge and skills gap to increase SME success

Download our report today for rich insight into how the state of the start-up industry is playing out right now and what can be done in 2016.
Be better informed with the latest data.
Get ahead on all the business trends you need to know.

Download ‘Startup success: business guidance’ Now

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