Awards for flexible high flyers: could they inspire others?

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Awards for flexible high flyers: could they inspire others?

No small business owner could not know a thing or two about the challenges of flexible working. So it’s quite interesting to see big businesses also bending towards it.

This piece over in Economia explains how four ‘part-timers’ working for the ‘Big Four’ have been recognised in this year’s Timewise Power 50 awards.

We thought their stories might interest or inspire…

Not least, the piece taps concerns many people have about reducing hours without sacrificing all their chances. Increasingly, more and more people do want to commit fewer hours to paid employment – whether in order to raise a family or, perhaps, branch out on their own initiative.

‘The Power 50 message will come as welcome news’, speculates Economia, ‘for the one in four of the UK’s full time workers who would like to work part time hours and accept a drop in salary, provided it does not affect their pay per hour or their chances of promotion.’

Top flexible and part-time workers

‘The awards’, says Economia, ‘are designed to showcase the UK’s top flexible and part-time workers who are progressing their careers and achieving success in high-earning business critical roles with non-traditional working patterns’.

• Riaz Shah, who’s Global Head of Talent for EY, works a two-and-a-half day week in that role, while also being Chair of the Board of Governors of One Degree Academy, a free school for disadvantaged children he set up in London, as well as contributing to other charities and coaching start-up chief executives

• Sarah Willows works a four day week as KPMG’s Chief Finance Officer and Head of Operations

• As does Iain Selfridge, who is Partner in Accounting Consulting Services for PwC. Both split their work with family commitments

• And finally Charlotte Blyton is a returning mother who works part-time as Associate Director in Deloitte’s tax practice

Juggling commitments

None of this is easy – and it’s hoped their stories may inspire others.

‘Employment consultancy Timewise says the people who are named in the Power 50 or recognised as winners of its particular awards represent a growing number of people who are holding down top jobs while working part time.’

So says Economia.

‘The most recent estimates show that 849,000 people in the UK are working formally part time in the higher income bracket (£40,000 full time or above), up 10% on the year before (to end February 2017). Of these, 585,000 are women and 264,000 are men.’

Of course, no one can start and run their own small enterprise without having some understanding of the risks and challenges invariably involved in juggling life and work, and paid and voluntary commitments.

Perhaps, it’s inspiring that some at the top end are, today, managing it?

There’s much more detail in the Economia piece. Read it in full here.

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