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Are you a good boss? Honestly?

A new survey, reported over on Economia, suggests many aren’t. Or aren’t perceived to be by their employees. And the effects of that lack of confidence can be startling.

The survey was conducted by the Chartered Accountants Benevolent Association (CABA), and suggested, leads the piece, that ‘More than a quarter (28%) of British employees think that they could do a better job than their boss’.

Sour grapes, or a fair reflection?

Regular problems

Here are few more of their findings:

• 27 per cent report ‘regular disputes with their managers’

• 26 per cent ‘regular clashes with colleagues’

• 36 per cent ‘think about quitting their job on a regular basis’

That’s a fair amount of disgruntlement. And there’s more.

‘One in 10 said their boss had forced them to work overtime, while 72% said they’d worked on their day off – 22% of which claimed this was a regular occurrence.’

Also, one in ten said ‘their boss had made a discriminatory remark’, and 9 per cent claimed to have been ‘publically disgraced by them’. Grim stuff. Plus, ‘9% said their manager had threatened their job’.

Worrying picture

This paints a really worrying picture.

And Laura Little, Development Manager at CABA, would seem to agree. The results of ‘Inharmonious relationships at work’, she says, will be ‘poor productivity, low morale and reduced zeal’. A great pity.

She suggests that ‘poor management’ may be to some degree to blame, says Economia, and points towards the UK’s relatively low productivity.

Oh dear.

‘Reducing the levels of overtime would be a good start, as enabling employees to relax and recharge will ensure they are mentally ready for work, and therefore may be more able to get on with colleagues’, is one suggestion Laura Little offers.

Are there others?

See the full piece over on Economia here.

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