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What is a data dashboard?

This is a sponsored post by 9 Spokes.

Dashboards help business owners by providing a snapshot of all the business’s most critical KPIs in one single view, which can result in saved time and money through greater efficiency and productivity.

Most businesses, even small businesses, produce and store large amounts of data across various functions whether that’s HR, accounting, marketing or sales. It can be difficult to gain a clearer picture of how one part of the business impacts another when having to view and interpret this data from various different sources.

Dashboards enable us to view all of this critical data in one place, providing better insight in to how the business is performing and identifying areas that need more attention.

These are just 10 of the ways small businesses can benefit from a 9 Spokes smart dashboard:

1. Increased visibility: With a dashboard you can see which areas of your business are working and the ones that need to be improved.

2. More efficiency: After identifying potential issues you are more likely to act in order to improve the results. This means you will be more productive and efficient. Having an overall view of the business will help you prioritise the most important areas whilst keeping in mind other areas that are less urgent but still need attention.

3. Sales information: Dashboards enable you to see all the sales trends, keep track of your sales goals and improve the sales process.

4. Financial performance: Better visibility of business performance will increase productivity and save time, thereby saving money through more efficient processes.

5. Easy management of all the online communication channels: With 9 Spokes you can add apps such as MailChimp, Google Analytics, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to monitor the success of your marketing activities. A single dashboard can help you manage the following:

Website: You can see the amount of visitors, how they found you, how to gain more conversions by identifying and fixing issues on your conversion funnel, etc

Social media: By keeping track of your accounts, you can improve the interaction with your audience and calculate the return on investment for each site

Email marketing: See how many emails were sent and how many were actually opened to calculate their impact.

6. Better advertising strategy: Seeing how your campaigns are performing gives you the necessary information to continually improve and optimise, potentially resulting in more sales.

7. Boost customer satisfaction: Improve your customer service by keeping track of the number of refunds and the response time to any issues.

8. Product or service fulfilment: You can use your 9 Spokes dashboard to see data on the number of services and/or products you’ve delivered and the delivery time.

9. Save time: Instead of spending time looking for data in different places, such as your accounting software, Google Analytics, social media accounts, etc. you can save time by having all the information in a single place.

10. Improves organisation: A dashboard that aggregates all of your business apps reduces the need for manually storing data by streamlining the process by which it is collected and presented.

Join 9 Spokes for free and find out how it can help you get powerful insights and make smart decisions.

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