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5 ways you can make content creation super simple

This is a guest post by Hew Aitken at Company Formation MadeSimple.

MadeSimple is all about making business simple. Whether it’s forming a brand new limited company, buying a company credit report or providing affordable office space. We aim to make the process as simple as possible.

As a business owner, writing and then publishing content can feel like a distraction from real work. A chore. A nuisance. Because of this it’s easy for any kind of content marketing to be sidelined or worse – completely abandoned. This is a mistake. Great content fuels so much; your website, your social media activity, your SEO strategy – and in an age where people are sick to death of receiving ‘sales messages’, content ultimately fuels engagement.

So if the idea of a content strategy leaves you cold,  read on. We’ve shared  6 ways you can make your content creation super simple.

Create a content calendar

Your first job is to create a Content Calendar. Populate this with all relevant key dates in the year,  such as, important accounting dates. Once you’ve done this, add in the not-so-key dates – the quirky stuff. National Sandwich Day, Hug a Company Formation Agent Week*, National Coding Month… that kind of stuff. Once you’ve done this, jot down all the possible content ideas revolving around these dates. You don’t need to turn all the ideas into content but it’s a handy source of inspiration. *Ok, we made this up.

Assemble a content team

If you’re fortunate enough to have a team on board, use them. Building a team will not only take some of the load off the lead content creator, it will also add variety to the content that you’re putting out there. At MadeSimple we regularly ask members of our customer service team to contribute to the blog with posts on common issues that arise. It’s a great way to keep the content ticking over whilst also being genuinely helpful to our customers.

Partner up

If your business has any industry partners, get in touch and ask a) if they’d be willing to write something for you and b) if they’d take on any guest content from you. If they agree you’ve got some fresh new content for your site and you’re also spreading your business’s name too. Bonus tip: Teaming up with your partners also makes life simpler when it comes to building a social media presence. Very handy for some extra retweets, likes and so on.

Prepare for the social media share

There’s no point in creating content if you’re not going to go out there and talk about it. This is where social media comes in. Take some of the hassle out of the sharing process by preparing Tweets, Facebook posts, Instagram images etc straight after the piece of content has been finished. This way the content is still fresh in your mind and you’ll be less likely to settle for mediocre copy.

Get your customers to do it for you

The people who use your service are a fantastic content resource. Interviews, case studies, reviews, guest posts (again) – these are all different ways you can turn your customer base into an effective marketing tool. Encourage the customers you already have to tell everyone just how brilliant you are.

Don’t be afraid to recycle and reinvent

Not everything you put out has to be brand new. Revisit old content and consider how it can be used in a slightly different way. Blog posts can be converted to videos. Data can be turned into infographics. How-to-guides can be shortened into checklists. This will make life a lot simpler (yay!) and will also inform you on what content resonates with your audience, and what doesn’t. And remember, when you’re creating your content calendar and mapping out what content you’re going to create – keep it varied, a mix of video, images, checklists, how to guides etc – you can keep recycling and reinventing when you find out what chimes with your audiences.

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