Are you adopting mobile tech to give your business an edge? If not, why not?

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Are you adopting mobile tech to give your business an edge? If not, why not?

Increasingly, small businesses are – turning to mobile tech solutions to give themselves an edge.

Mobile tech, indeed, is ‘changing the way SMEs work’, according to this recent piece over in The Telegraph.

It highlights 3 case studies of business models transformed – or built on – their adoption and adaptation of mobile tech.

It makes for interesting reading – and could easily spark thoughts of applications for your business…

Case study 1: cuts out travelling

Take Martha Currie, The Telegraph’s first case study. Formerly an NHS speech and language therapist, she saw a problem in her day-to-day work which she set up a business to solve.

‘In her previous job,’ says the piece, ‘working across a large area of London in Lambeth and Southwark, she found that she could sometimes only see two or three patients a day.’

It’s this that led to her setting up Mable Therapy with software developer Elliot Agro. This, explains the piece, ‘uses mobile tech to enable therapists to interact with patients, no matter where they are.’

And it’s expanded beyond those horizons.

‘We’ve developed our video conferencing software from scratch’, Martha Currie’s quoted. ‘As well as being able to chat to each other online, we’re also able to engage the pupils with thousands of games and activities that we’ve developed in-house.’

Plus, they use mobile apps like Slack and Trello to coordinate the team, ‘all of whom’, says the piece, ‘are based at home’. And text reminders to teachers and parents have enormously cut down on numbers of missed sessions.

It just works – seems to be the picture from this case study.

Case study 2: quicker, fuller picture

The second example is Greater Manchester estate agent Thornley Groves, which has adopted PropertyBOX.

‘Developed by property tech firm, KeyAGENT, the system enables estate agents to upload property images and floor plan sketches via their smartphones, and send them instantly for editing’, says The Telegraph.

‘These are then returned enhanced, digitised and ready to be uploaded to property websites, providing a better all-round view of the property for customers.’

Residential Sales and Lettings Director, Matt Smith, is sold.

He says they’ve seen a boost of 15 to 20 per cent in average detailed views per property per day.

And it makes them more attractive to vendors too. ‘As a result, our negotiators can include strong photos and floor plans as a USP during the valuation process’, he said.

Case study 3: training on the move

The third case study in The Telegraph piece focuses not on service delivery but staff training enabled by mobile.

Ex police officer and solicitor Edward Whittingham set up the Business Fraud Prevention Partnership (BFPP) to deliver ‘interactive security awareness training through mobile devices to help tackle fraud and cybercrime’, says The Telegraph.

‘He says that training by mobile not only cuts costs for business, but means that courses can be easily delivered to busy individuals no matter where they are.’

Training that might, otherwise, fail to happen – as he describes business clients who ‘are always travelling and who pose a cyber threat to their organisations if left untrained’.

And BFPP doesn’t even need them to access a computer to complete their training: they can do this on the move on a tablet or even mobile phone.

‘People can complete their training around their work schedule using any device’, says Edward Whittingham. ‘It’s all about flexibility.’

If being ‘all about flexibility’ might offer an answer for you – cutting costs and travel time, for instance – or any of these stories spark a thought that relates to your enterprise, why not check out the full account over in The Telegraph? It gives more detail.

Meanwhile, how mobile is your business? Or should – or could – it be?

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