Is fear blocking your business?

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Is fear blocking your business?

This is a guest post by James Sheard, chartered accountant and founder of The Accountancy People

What are you frightened of?

Is it really true that we have nothing to fear but fear itself?  Is Fear Blocking your Business?

It is shocking to think – really shocking – almost all new businesses are guaranteed to fail.  100% guaranteed because the entrepreneur never follows through on their idea and actually starts their business. Why would this be? I think the number one reason for business failure is fear in the hearts of the owners; too much fear for them to set up in the first place, and too much fear for them to make their business what it could be.

So what was I frightened of when I set up The Accountancy People?

Loads of things. Fear of change, fear of looking stupid to my friends and family, fear of financial hardship, fear of the unknown, fear of being laughed at. You name it I was scared of it. But most of these are excuses in thin disguise. I don’t know about you but my internal dialogue is really good at popping weak excuses into my mind!

The best excuse for me is ‘You need to look after your family they are dependent on your salary’ (I used that one a lot). Really? These people who love you, care more about your income than about you achieving your potential? I don’t think so. The truth of course is that a professionally fulfilled father and husband is a better father and husband, and also better role model. If you tried and failed would those who truly love you really care? Of course not, they would respect you even more for following your dreams. The great irony is they respect you less if they can see you running scared.

For me fear was a prison that kept me from doing what I wanted to do. The only way to live freely is to confront your fears, and do that which we are most frightened to do. This is the time of our life and it is not just important, but all-important that we live it well.

I don’t know about you but fear, for me, is something you need to keep on top of.  If you’re in business or not, what does your prison look like? What fears do you need to address to make your life free?

Finally one fear I’ve overcome is of cameras and creating video blogs. You can see them on ‘The Accountancy People’ YouTube channel.  Please also take a look at our website: The Accountancy People.

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