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What is a Growth Hub?

Do you know what a Growth Hub is?

Have you been involved with one?

If not, why not check out what’s happening in your area?

They exist just to help local businesses like yours.

Public and private-sector partnerships

Growth Hubs are basically local public and private-sector partnership schemes.

They’re often coordinated or led by a Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) – find yours here – and the idea is:

  • To bring together public and private sector partners to promote, coordinate and deliver local business support
  • To provide a mechanism for integrating national and local business support – so it’s easy for businesses like yours to access


Easy access within your area with Growth Hub

This is the whole point. To give small businesses like yours easy access within your area to the support you need to grow your enterprise and help it flourish.

And to promote those services – which is also what we’re trying to do here – so you know that they exist at all.

‘Some growth hubs will deliver face to face advice to businesses, tailored to local needs’, reads our BAS ‘What Are Growth Hubs?’ page.

‘Growth hubs will also align local support with national programmes.’

Getting started


  • To find out what’s going on in your area, start with your local LEP here
  • You can probably approach your own local growth hub via the web, social media, or by phone
  • We at BAS are also working closely with growth hubs – by offering any business a free consultation in over 4,000 locations in the UK. See the Growth Hubs page and then search our directory
  • Finally, just generally, choose from our range of free guides – an excellent introduction to all aspects of growing your small business


See the BAS Growth Hubs page here.

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