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Client of the Month: Moxels

Each month we look at a standout client an ICAEW member has recommended. This month Moxels explain why Pomegranate Consulting chose them.

Who are Moxels?

Moxels are a graphic design studio and advertising agency specialising in CGI (computer generated imagery) and 3D visualization for the property & construction, product design, KBB (kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms) and automotive industry. Simply put, we take care of the visual content for the clients’ marketing campaign. Whether they’re launching a new range of products that need to be introduced to the market, or creating a complex architectural building that needs presenting to the world, we take care in making our clients’ products as appealing as possible.

What range of services do Moxels provide?

We stay focused on stimulating the visual side of the brain. From brochure and product packaging design, automotive, product design, 3D architectural visualizations and interior design, we provide a comprehensive strategy and, especially, high quality content up to the highest technological standards and levels of photorealism available on the market today.

What’s the secret of their success?

All that’s needed is hard work and high levels of consistency and perseverance on all our projects, every single day, although, we still have room for improvement here. There are always ups and downs, but you need to stay focused on following the path and vision of the company. While at the same time never running out of money: cash-flow is of paramount for any business, and especially start-ups. It’s all too easy to get lost in details – especially when you start small and tend to micromanage every single aspect of your business – however we try maintaining an overview of the company, at least from time to time, so you always have a broad view of what’s going on as well as knowing all the tiny details. It’s not as easy as it sounds! We are constantly pushing ourselves past out comfort zones so we can improve and provide a better service for our clients.

As well as this, we have a very relaxed working environment and we try to emulate the habits of similar creative and innovative companies like Google or Facebook:

  • completely flexible working hours
  • entertainment time almost daily for strengthening team cohesion and company culture
  • dedicated personal time for each team member to explore his or her creative and technical skills
  • complete freedom in using our computer hardware, whether we talk about personal projects or having fun on the Internet
  • and free sweets.

How does Pomegranate help and support Moxels?

Pomegranate has worked closely with Moxels since our inception two years ago. In that time, they have acted as both accountant and business adviser, helping us to navigate the pitfalls of a start up. Pomegranate pride themselves on the personal approach they provide to our clients. Due to Pomegranate’s six-day working weeks and extended opening hours, they are able to support our clients when they need us most.

A big part of Pomegranate’s work with Moxels involved them explaining and implementing concepts and processes that are often overlooked in business. One such example would be the ability to claim back the VAT on entertaining staff. As Moxels are a firm that values their staff highly, we tend to spend a lot for the benefit of their team. The ability to claim back the VAT meant that we would be able to make small savings that would make a big difference over time.  

What social media do you use?

As you have guessed, we use everything that’s worth being used and we try to avoid those which don’t bring us much ROI, so we have stuck with the following:

Facebook – mostly for keeping in touch with other related CGI artists, and staying up-to-date with the latest industry news. Aside from this, for a B2B (business to business) company model, we have found that Facebook does not perform well in reaching our target clients, so it isn’t used as a sales tool, merely a way to showcase our portfolio to other CGI artists in the industry.

There are other similar platforms to help you reach out to people in your trade, but as a B2B company, that is not our main focus. The main focus is reaching out to companies in need of promoting and advertising their products, and for that we use other marketing tools.

Twitter – very good in reaching out directly to people at the top of the decisional chain in a business that you target, and also very good at staying up-to-date with sector news and other CGI artists.

LinkedIn – great for creating and sustaining professional relationships with both current and potential clients and people in our industries.

A very important thing that’s worth mentioning here is how we automatically manage a big part of our business. Because we spend a great deal of time in coming up with creative ideas, we need to make sure we are ‘distracted’ as little as possible by administrative tasks, so we have automated all of our finances, sales, marketing and project management process via the cloud based accounting tool Xero.

We must thank our accountants, Pomegranate Consulting, also based in Manchester, for helping us implement this automatic accounting workflow, and for advising us throughout the process about the best financial steps for us to take.

2016 plans…

I’ll keep it short here.

• We want to continue pushing ourselves on improving our efficiency through experimenting with different tools and apps, and introducing new ones where needed.

• Grow the company and gain at least one new team member

• Get our hands on the new upcoming generation of Nvidia graphic cards this summer. We have always used the latest Nvidia technology and this year will be no different.

• Research and Develop innovative ways to deliver great advertising experiences, so we’ll probably ‘dip our toes’ into the world of 3D printing and Oculus Rift virtual reality if we find them to be viable business avenues.

For more on Moxels go here.

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